Christmas 25 December: how Ukrainians celebrate and survive the holiday

Рождество 25 декабря: как празднуют украинцы и перенесут ли праздник

People are already actively discussing this idea

Orthodox Ukraine can change their traditions and celebrate Christmas on January 7 and December 25. And the first bell has already rung, this year, the Ukrainians officially rest the 25th. However, for festive tables while the majority of citizens does not sit down. But all the time.

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As the Church decides so be it

Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine Epiphanius does not give accurate answer – whether the Church to celebrate Christmas on new style, on December 25. Says fear split and don’t want to rush. However, the Ukrainians are already actively discussing the idea.

Head of Department of Institute of sociology of NAS of Ukraine Oleksandr Vyshniak believes that the PCU will switch to the Gregorian calendar and will celebrate Christmas on December 25.

“It is quite possible. If the Church so decides, the believers will agree. Even if such a decision was taken by the Moscow Patriarchate, most parishioners would agree . And when the majority shifts, it has become a national holiday,” explained OBOZREVATEL vishniac.

However, to rush in ptsu will not. “Because your calendar has not changed, the Greek Catholics who live according to the Eastern rite and together with us celebrate Christmas on 7 January. I still have the late Lubomyr Husar personally say that they do not want to differ from the Orthodox. So you’ll have to make a joint decision,” – said the sociologist.

While not at the time

Although religious scholars are more cautious in their forecasts. “While the issue of the transfer of the Christmas time. He will only hinder the unification Church. It is still a decision should be taken by the Church. And would it people? While they are not ready. Therefore, the decision to move will last for decades,” – said in a conversation with us religious scientist Igor Kozlovsky.

Head of the Department of history of religion at the Institute of philosophy of NAS of Ukraine Lyudmila Filipovich believes that on the calendar people will be able to negotiate. “By the time it all? I think now there are more pressing problems. While introduced two official holiday, two days off. We have entered into this interim period, which will allow in the future to bring all to a common denominator. Nothing terrible, Ukrainians love holidays, and now one feast more,” – said OBOZREVATEL Filipovich.

The expert notes that is not important when we celebrate Christmas, and what sense in is put.

“For us, Christmas is about gifts, fairs, feasts. And we would have to return the meaning of this holiday. To be spiritually imbued and realized the changes that happened then and should happen every year at Christmas, Holy Christ. Began a new era, not the era of chronology, and a new spiritual era. Very much has changed, and will change if we are to understand correctly the meaning of this holiday,” says Filipovich.

Out for the month

Meanwhile, Ukrainians perceive 25th of December as a normal day off in anticipation of new year spree.

“Ukrainians have a cool attitude to this holiday. Because to celebrate Christmas according to the Gregorian calendar, and to live according to the Julian strange. Therefore, the Ukrainians are just happy for more output,” – said the sociologist Oleksandr Vyshniak.

But in Transcarpathia 25 Dec – a great holiday. “This old tradition of celebrating two Christmases. Because a significant portion of the inhabitants of this region are Greek Catholics, Protestants. In a lot of mixed families, and the norm for them to celebrate and 25 December and 7 January,” – said the head of the Transcarpathian Institute of political studies, sociologist Viktor Pashchenko.

According to Pashchenko, new year and Christmas holidays start early here. “Begin to celebrate the Hungarian Catholic mikuláš. It is the counterpart of St. Nicholas to us he comes a week early. Then comes Christmas, New year, Orthodox Christmas, old New year. Out for the month, no effort or no money”, – explained he.

With regard to the transfer of Christmas on December 25, the sociologist gives an example: “we Have in social networks conducted a survey about this. So the people have spoken about 50 50. Half for transport, half believes that everything shall remain as before. This situation corresponds to reality, people think,” concluded he.