Chino Darín and Lorenzo Ferro : are they rather have angel or demon ? The words or the fists ? They meet (VIDEO)

Chino Darín et Lorenzo Ferro : sont-ils plutôt ange ou démon ? Les mots ou les poings ? Ils répondent (VIDEO)

Chino Darín and Lorenzo Ferro share the poster of The angel, thriller biography of Luis Ortega, in cinemas this week. Meeting.

With The angel, the filmmaker Luis Ortega struck hard at the last Festival de Cannes. Presented in the un certain regard section, this biopic chilling tale of the cavalcade bloody Argentine Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch, nicknamed The “angel of death”. This serial killer was only 20 years old when he is guilty of no less than eleven murders in the early 1970s, as well as multiple assaults and robberies. Sentenced to life imprisonment in 1980, Carlos Robledo Puch is still behind bars.

In the film of Luis Ortega, it is the young actor Lorenzo Ferro, which lends its features seraphic criminal. At his side, Chino Darín (who is none other than the son of the actor Ricardo Darín), embodies Ramon, a classmate of high school of Carlos, with whom he forms a tandem disorder the poisonous spell. Encountered during the promo at cannes of the film, the two actors are participated in a game of the interview “bad boy”. What is their villain favorite movie ? Do they see themselves rather as an angel or a demon ? Favour instead of words or fists to resolve a conflict ? Check out their responses, sometimes amazing, in our interview. The angel is currently in cinemas.