Chinese vehicle “Chang’e-4” panoramic pictures sent back of the moon

 Китайский аппарат "Чанъэ-4" прислал панорамные снимки обратной стороны Луны

The Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e-4”, which in early January made a soft landing on the dark side of the moon, sent panoramic pictures of the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth, said on Friday the National space administration of China (CNSA).

The office published the in 360 degrees, made with a topographic camera attached to the top of the “Chang’e-4″. The picture was transmitted to Earth via satellite relay”, Zhuazao” (“the Magpie bridge”), which in June of last year, successfully entered in the Lagrange point L2 on the back side of the moon, becoming the world’s first satellite operating on this halo orbit.Due to its location, the satellite repeater can “see” the other side of the moon, and the Earth,RIA Novosti reported.

Thanks to the picture, which, in addition to the surface of the back side of the moon, you can see the lunar Rover “WiTu-2” (“Jade hare-2”), and fragments of “Chang’e-4”, Chinese scientists were able to conduct a preliminary analysis of the characteristics of the landscape and terrain around the “Chang’e-4”.

Lunar Rover “Jade hare-2”, who “slept” for seven days, woke up on Thursday evening local time and is ready to continue the mission. According to the CNSA, and the lunar Rover, and the station are in stable condition, and the work performed in accordance with the plan.

The Chinese spacecraft “Chang’e-4” on the morning of January 3 implemented a historic soft landing on the moon and after a few hours, sent the first pictures of the surface of the back side of the natural satellite of the Earth.

The device landed in the crater of the Pocket located in the North-Western side of the largest known lunar crater Pool South pole – Aitken. According to Chinese scientists, the lunar landing in this zone will allow them to study the mineral composition of the lunar surface, and to obtain new data on the mantle of the moon.

For the mission “Chang’e-4” Chinese universities have developed several scientific programs. Results for “Chang’e-4” there are eight vehicles, including the facilities developed by China in cooperation with Germany, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands.Chinese program sensing of the moon, “Chang’e”, named after the mythical goddess of the moon, includes three stages: flyby around Earth satellite moon landing and return from the moon to the Earth. The first phase of the programme has been successfully completed. Currently implementing the second stage of the programme.