Chinese telescope recorded alien signals

Китайский телескоп зафиксировал инопланетные сигналы

FAST telescope recorded a strange signal, which are formed far away in space. Scientists suggest that they got on the trail of an alien civilization.

This publication reports the Express.

The device has decent dimensions: width is 500 meters. There is a device having 4450 panels on the South-West Guizhou province. Now in its third year, scientists using apparatus exploring outer space. Finally, the experts were able to capture interesting data coming from deep space signal.

According to the scientist Whether the Di, the sounds are not repeated, therefore difficult to analyze. Yet experts are not able to find out even the location of the sound source, not to mention the creatures that it in theory can create.

The opening made me think of all the people of China. Writer Liu Cincin noted that very soon 100% will stumble upon an extraterrestrial civilization.

Scientists are skeptics suggested that the Chinese experts have recorded fast radio bursts (FRB), which was first caught in 2007.

Signals last, typically milliseconds, so they are very difficult to capture and predict.

Meanwhile, a strange roar from the sky bothers the American residents of Pittsburgh.