China staged the Olympics for pigs – news ZIK.UA

Chinese farmer Yu Xiaobo on the eve of the winter Olympic games-2022 organized triathlon competitions for the two-month pigs.

The two-month pigs competed in diving from the tower, overcoming obstacles and race reports

У Китаї влаштували олімпіаду для поросят – новини ZIK.UA

The footage shows that the animals perform the job, starting on the whistle. The pigs fled the cross, overcame obstacles and jumped in the pool and afterwards got a tasty prizes.

Yu Xiaobo decided to organize a competition to draw attention to the Zhangjiakou city, which will host part of the events of the upcoming Olympics.

Triathlon multi-sport race, in which athletes without breaks consistently through a number of stages, such as swimming, running and Cycling.

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