China can kill the scientist who created the genetically modified children

В Китае могут казнить учёного, создавшего генетически модифицированных детей

Chinese scholar he Cisangkuy, who announced the birth of two genetically modified children can be sentenced to death.

This informs The Telegraph.

Scientist in November 2018, made the statement that the result of genetic changes to HIV-positive parents was born the healthy children. The experiment involved seven pairs in which the mother was healthy and the father is HIV-positive. Due to changes at the genetic level had two healthy girls, twins.

At the Institute, where he worked as Cisangkuy, explained that know nothing about such experiments. After the speech, the scientist was placed under protection. Scientific community accused him of corruption and bribery. According to scientists, he resorted to the help of specialists and hardly paid them out of pocket. The article imputed to the researcher who suggests the highest measure of punishment — execution.