Chicken eggs will be the basis of new-generation drug

 Куриные яйца станут основой лекарств нового поколения

Employees of the University of Edinburgh brought chickens, eggs which contain two human proteins that can counteract arthritis and some types of cancer, reports BBC. The first protein – IFNalpha2a – has antiviral and anti-cancer properties. The second protein – macrophage-CSF – enhances the healing of damaged tissues.

To help they came up with methods of genetic modification in the DNA of the birds added the human gene responsible for the production of important proteins. In the end, the chickens started to lay healthful eggs, which can be used to obtain a drug. Moreover, this method of obtaining drugs will be 100 times cheaper than traditional industrial methods,reports MEDdаily.On the development of robust drug and bringing it to market will take up to 20 years, experts say. While we are talking about the application of tools in veterinary medicine. For example, it can be the drugs to stimulate the immune system (as an alternative to antibiotics) and for the regeneration of internal organs.