Cherif, Kepler(s), Trapped… The output VOD of the tv series, don’t miss !

Cherif, Kepler(s), Trapped… Les sorties VOD des séries télé à ne surtout pas louper !

And if it was full of novelties in 2019 ? Well, this is France 2 beautiful surprises this year… Without moving from your sofa. You will be able to discover from the month of January of the police series enticing in VOD. Ask for the program !

Notice to fans of tv series ! Here is our selection of French fiction and foreign not to be missed under no pretext.

Cherif is back after the success of the previous seasons ! Kader Cherif (Abdelhafid Metalsi) form a pair of strong and welded with his teammate Roxane Le Goff (Aurora Erguy) since the leak, Christelle Laurent, the criminal is obsessed with him. But everything will not go as planned… Fortunately, the captain of the Crim’ of Lyon is one of the best to elucidate investigations.
Cherif season 6, the 12 episodes of 52 minutes. Already available on VOD by clicking here.

This new series is all a bit mysterious about the identity of the killer than the one(s) of the character’s tormented , Samuel Kepler (camped by Marc Lavoine). This police officer is a syndrome of dissociation of the personality. It can give place to one of the three “passengers” who cohabit in his mind. With his partner Alice Haddad (Sofia Essaïdi), it will investigate the discovery of the body of a female student in a scene of death on the ground of the jungle calaisienne, in the heart of the suffering of migrants.
Kepler(s) 1 season, 6 episodes of 52 minutes. Soon to be available in VOD.

A psychological thriller on a background of classical music. Philharmonia tells the story of the return to Paris ofHelen Barizet (as embodied by Marie-Sophie Ferdane), a brilliant leader of the orchestra, to the methods of atypical. She takes the head of the Philharmonia, Orchestre National in turmoil since the sudden death of his chief. The maestro is going to have to make its place with a troupe renowned for being “a killer of chiefs”. And if she had done well to replace the first violin by Selena River (Lina El Arabi)?
Philharmonia season 1, 6 episodes of 52 minutes. Already available in preview VOD by clicking here .

Season 1 of Trapped took place in the small town of Seydisfjördur in Iceland, a city so cut off from the world following the identification of a body on the shores. The inhabitants realize that they are all suspects… But also all in danger. The season 2 of 8 episodes will soon be available on VOD.