Cherif (France 2) : Guess why Abdelhafid Metalsi and Dawn Erguy have spent many sleepless nights (VIDEO)

Cherif (France 2) : Devinez pourquoi Abdelhafid Metalsi et Aurore Erguy ont passé de nombreuses nuits blanches (VIDEO)

Has the image of the hero of Cherif, the fiction police released on Friday night on France 2, Abdelhafid Metalsi and Dawn Erguy are also crazy series.

Fans of Cherif, the fiction police success of France 2, know this : its hero is a crazy series ! Therefore, it is not a coincidence that Cherif cites episodes at any end of the field, or draws sometimes some of the protagonists to resolve their own investigations… As to his interpreter, Abdelhafid Metalsi, it is also a big fan of the genre, just as his partner Dawn Erguy. He also happens to share their tips at lunchtime in the canteen !

On listening (The Wire , Breaking BadAbdelhafid Metalsi and Dawn Erguy have devoured these cult series and they tell us why. But these are not the only works of fiction to their having to spend sleepless nights ! What is the one that has kept Abdelhafid awake ? “Because I’m a big boy, Game of Thrones, I love this series ! Also, I am upset not to see the season, it’s terrible, I piaffe this impatience”, has entrusted to us the interpreter of Cherif.

For the love of the risk, Sheriff, make me afraid… These two actors are definitely fans of the series ! As to know which character from fiction is to fantasize, the answer is clearly on the side ofDawn Erguy : “I find that Cherif is already not bad…” But it is the heroine of Mission daredevil, Glynis Barber, as for his sidekick would have done well with the soft eyes : “I was in a swoon before it, I watched the series only for it.”

Their sets of children, those who are the most laugh… Abdelhafid Metalsi and Dawn Erguy review their series is ideal. As to which they watch in hiding : “I will tell you in the ear”, promises us Abdelhafid Metalsi.