Checking cars before buying: how not to be deceived

Проверка машины перед покупкой: как не дать себя обмануть

Need to know a few important points

Buying a used car is a gamble, and not the easiest.

However, to reduce all risks to a minimum and preserve your finances will help complete check the car before purchasing, reports

It is important to check before buying a used car:

– the presence of the original technical passport;

– if the car previously in an accident;

– not repainted if the car;

– no modifications (tuning) of electric, fuel, suspension, steering and brake systems.

In case, if the inspection or survey at least one of these items have any doubts, then you need not hesitate to go to the inspection car the following and do not waste your time and money on questionable purchases.

In addition to substantive issues, it is necessary to conduct a detailed inspection of the car. Inspection should be a Sunny day in bright light, avoiding suggestions about the checks inside the boxes, garages, showrooms. It professionals who will be able to detect all latent defects of used cars.

On average, ordinary private car drives 10-20 thousand miles per year. Consequently, for 5 years comes out to about 100,000 km of mileage. For the mileage on brake discs 2-3 mm from the pads. If you see new pads, so the mileage is likely more than 100 thousand km.

Fabric upholstery is erased in approximately 90-130 thousand km of mileage, automatic — 200 000 km, and Especially too abrasive on the armrest of the side seat support.