CEC openly demonstrates a willingness to participate in the political game Bank – analyst

ЦИК открыто демонстрирует готовность участвовать в политической игре Банковой - политолог

If the Russian leadership really had a purpose to influence the outcome of elections in Ukraine, it was taken would be available in Russia participants for a vote of the people, and sent those Ukrainians who live and work in Russia, to vote according to their registration address in Ukraine.

Comments about this correspondent of ГолосUA have soobshil the head of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik.

“Speaking of the adoption by the Ukrainian Central electoral Commission the decision to close five polling stations in Russia, you need to understand that it is not directly about the election itself. Because despite the fact that Russia is home to millions of Ukrainians, during the last elections voted not more than a thousand people. And this number, of course, any electoral balance is not able to exert influence,” said the analyst.

Thus, according to R. Bortnik, that the decision of the Ukrainian CEC demonstrates the purely political logic and willingness to participate in the political game imposed by the Bank.

“First, it is the unwinding of threads of Russian interference in the election that meets the interests of both the party President and the party of war in General. Secondly, it is the continued de-legitimization of any relations between Ukraine and Russia. And downgrading of these relations to zero point. And third, it is an attempt to insure against the possibility of specially organized a fake appearance”, – said the expert.

Although, as said the scientist, if we admit the possibility that Russia could result in one polling station more than one thousand and a few thousand voters, there is simply not enough for all ballots.

“Thus, under the result of the election laid the bomb, as already we witness attempts to disrupt the electoral process. But if Russia really wished to influence the Ukrainian elections with those Ukrainians who live in Russia, it would have been organized the visit of Ukrainian citizens for voting at the place of registration. In Ukraine this would never have been able to control”, – concluded R. Bortnik.

We will remind, at session of the Central electoral Commission, on 31 December, it was decided to remove from the list of foreign polling stations, permanent plots, which were previously located in Russian Federation.

According to the Appendix to the decision, the Commission eliminated the 5 polling stations of Ukraine abroad.

“To eliminate the polling station number 900075, in connection with which position on this electoral district to exclude; to eliminate the polling station: № 900077, № 900078, № 900117, № 900118”, – it is told in the document.

Note that according to the decree of 12 April 2012, the relevant polling stations were located in Russia.

In addition, according to the CEC application has changed the boundaries of electoral precincts in Georgia, Kazakhstan and Finland.