Caution: Users of one of the popular messengers intimidated by video clip”killer”

Осторожно: Пользователей одного из популярных мессенджеров запугали видеороликом-«убийцей»

WhatsApp is actively spreading the message about the threat which is able to remove all data from your smartphone. Security expert Sophos has understand this question.

The specialists wrote in his blog.

The report said that soon the messenger will spread threat movie called martinelli.

“Don’t open the video, it will hack your phone and to repair it would be impossible. Distribute this around the world,” — says in the message, which received a lot of service users. Spammers also claimed that the dangerous virus is already in the news.

Experts familiar with the message and called it “garbage”. According to experts, video martinelli, a fictional threat. They also noted that such spamming began in mid-2017 and continue until now.

“Given that no video martinelli does not exist, WhatsApp users safe from him,” wrote researchers from Sophos. They also asked users to refrain from forwarding the message.

Previously, experts have found a real vulnerability in WhatsApp allows hackers to gain access to the correspondence users. In October, the developers have fixed the security breach.

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