Causes cancer: the Americans massively reject the standard 5G network

Вызывает рак: Американцы массово отказываются от стандарта сетей 5G

City officials of a small California town of mill Vell has banned placing antennas for 5G networks in residential areas. The reason for the ban was concerns of local residents, the network may cause cancer.

About it reports TechCrunch.

According to the resolution, restrictions and prohibitions for all future applications for telecommunication equipment 5G in the city have already begun to act. According to city authorities, it has received 145 letters from citizens who are against development of this technology, in comparison with five letters in support.

Lock-on extension 5G is not new for this region. Other cities, including San Anselmo and Ross, have adopted similar decisions.

One of the models of networks of the fifth generation involves the use of small antennas, which support the existence of “small cells”. This increases network throughput and link quality, reducing the cost of infrastructure, electricity and installation of the antennas themselves. In addition, “small cells” is less radiation

“Telecommunication companies are convinced that the antenna does not have a negative impact on human health, although the California Department of health warned about the possible health effects of personal cellular antennas. However, the decrease in radiation from antennas 5G compared to 4G antennas, probably almost eliminates any impact of this technology on health,” the article reads TechCrunch.

Despite the fact that different municipalities have a similar problem, they do not apply at the global level. China, thanks to companies like Huawei, has invested billions of dollars to develop and build infrastructure, 5G, hoping to “steal” industry from the United States, which is the market leader in 4G technologies.

Previously, the company Motorola has introduced the first 5G smartphone.

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