Canadian model Zombie Boy committed suicide: details and reaction of stars

Canadian model Zombie Boy committed suicide: details and reaction of stars
Canadian model Zombie Boy committed suicide: details and reaction of stars

On Wednesday evening, August 1, on the 33rd year of life, a Canadian tattoo artist Rick Genest, better known as Zombie Boy, died. As the Western press writes, he committed suicide in his home in Montreal.

Ghenest was famous for his numerous tattoos, the first of which he made at the age of 15. Thanks to the drawings on the body, he even got into the Guinness Book of Records as a man with the most tattoos in the form of bones and insects.

The unusual guy drew attention and many fashionable publications: he starred for such magazines as Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair. In 2011, Zombie Boy starred in the video of the popular singer Lady Gaga Born This Way, then became friends with the star. Gaga herself was one of the first to react to the sad news and expressed her condolences on Twitter:

The suicide of my friend Rick Genist is simply terrible. We should work harder to change culture and pay more attention to mental health, we need to get rid of prejudices that we can not talk about. If you are suffering, call your family or friend today. We must protect each other,

– she wrote.

Commented on the death of Zombie Boy and Russian TV presenter Artem Korolev, who, he said, was familiar with him and traveled for several days around Russia.

It was an insanely touching and kind guy. Friendly, quiet and open. Such a dissonance with his appearance. I’m sure that his face caused a lot of emotions and became the reason for a certain attitude towards him people. Without feeling this oppression, misunderstanding, rejection and total loneliness, we never realize what it is like to be different. If you are different from the masses, do not fight it, but welcome your uniqueness. It does not matter how you look, who you love and what you believe. If it seems to you that you are all alone, remember that this is an illusion.

Yes, around enough unhappy, clamped people, for whom everything unlike them is an abomination. But there are others – those who support you and will love for your uniqueness. If you feel lonely, talk to a loved one, even if it seems that he does not understand you. I ask you to become more open and humane, to look a little bit in life, and together we will have a chance to become better. I want to live in a world where love occupies more space than hate. I’m sure you do too! RIP Zombie Boy.

Before his birthday, Genest survived only six days.

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