Camille Chamoux “very proud” of having played the mother of Jonathan’s Fate in The day I burned my heart (VIDEO)

Camille Chamoux "très fière" d'avoir incarné la mère de Jonathan Destin dans Le jour où j'ai brûlé mon coeur (VIDEO)

Jonathan Cohen and Camille Chamoux are invited to The interview without a filter this week. Check out a new preview of the show in which the last is his participation in the telefilm TF1, The day I burned my heart.

Thomas Dutronc, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Manu Payet, Romane Bohringer, Louis Bertignac… They are likely to have participated in season 2 of The interview without a filter in 2018. And to start the year 2019 in beauty, this is not one, but two guests who came to visit to Laurent Argelier in our loft : Camille Chamoux and Jonathan Cohen, currently at the movie poster First holiday. A program during which we laughed a lot but also experienced beautiful moments of emotion. Like when Camille Chamoux is back on its participation in the telefilm The day where I burned up my heart, released last November on TF1.

I am very proud to have brought this story because this boy is what is called a resilient, he survived a big trauma, he wished to give himself to death so he had been harassed and I think it’s necessary to wear this kind of cases and stories to a wide audience for people to be vigilant,” she explains. Its secrets to discover in the video above. And the integral of The interview without the filter of Camille Chamoux and Jonathan Cohen is back on Sunday on our site !

First holiday of Patrick Cassir, with Camille Chamoux, Jonathan Cohen, Camille Cottin, Vincent Dedienne, and Jérémie Elkaim is in cinemas from 2 January.