Buzova admitted that are ready for the sake of their fans

Бузова призналась, на что готова ради своих фанатов

One of the most controversial and popular artists of the Russian Federation Olga Buzova, on his page on “Instagram” published a new post, in which he told what sacrifices are ready to go for her fans, reports replyua.net.

According to the artist, before his concert, she is very sick. The singer was hard to get out of bed, but she gathered all his strength and still went on stage for his fans.

“I’m not complaining, but it happened that yesterday I became very sick. I don’t even want to say how I felt all day, had no strength even to get out of bed … but I realized that I can not reach out to You today, knowing how everyone was waiting for my performance at @iloveoblaka. And as I was waiting to meet with you and prepared, we collected all will in a fist, plus the tremendous help of professionals, and I was able to give a concert. I want to say again that the stage and You my medicine, thank you very much for your support,” wrote Buzova, attaching a photograph of her posing with a large number of bouquets. “Immediately after the speech, went home, now lie, drink tea, watch all your videos and storys, and don’t believe I could. Thank you for the flowers and gifts … I just love You. Always Yours, Olya.” said the post singer.