Buyers are in a panic: the Fruits in supermarkets are stuffed with needles EN masse (PHOTOS)

Покупатели в панике: Фрукты в супермаркетах массово начиняют иголками (ФОТО)

A couple in Melbourne (Australia) recently found needles hidden in the package of grapes. Skender hasa bought green grapes in the supermarket Woolworths. Shams Alsubai, his pregnant wife, pricked his finger, when he took a bunch of grapes.

This writes Cosmopolitan.

Покупатели в панике: Фрукты в супермаркетах массово начиняют иголками (ФОТО)

According to Chase, the pair cut each grape in order to find the needle. They found two needles after the cutting of the berries. “I was shocked, scared. I thought it’s all over,” said hasa reporters.

Police are investigating the incident, and, fortunately, neither hasa nor Alsubai not eat the grapes with needles. By the way, in Australia they found a needle and fruit. John Wacker, head of drug enforcement and serious crimes by Queensland police, said at a press conference that had been 186 reports of needles found in strawberries.

Scott Morrison, the Prime Minister of Australia, has even increased the maximum prison sentence for contamination of food or reckless contamination of fruits from 10 to 15 years, according to Australian ABC News.

Business Insider reports that at least one was a case, when the needle has been found in Apple, banana and mango. Needles have been found in all six Australian States, New Zealand, and at least one package grown in Australia strawberries that are sold in Singapore.

We will remind, in connection with the transport collapse after a rise in price of journey in minibuses the residents of Kherson massively transplanted to the trolley. But in the Kherson trolleybuses dangerous to drive: seat sticking out of the needle.