Burning Russian tanker “Maestro” is close to the coast of the Crimea (VIDEO)

Горящий российский танкер «Маэстро» приближается к берегам Крыма (ВИДЕО)

The effects continue on the tanker “Maestro”, which the third day is burning in the Black sea, the flame height reaches 20 meters.

This was reported on Thursday in the Azov-black sea branch of the Maritime rescue service, reports TASS

Earlier it was reported that the controlled drift “Kandy” resumed he tore off the end of the last mooring, the ship moves towards the coast in Krasnodar region. On one of the tankers before it was eliminated open burning, rescuers carried out the pouring vessels.

“Kandy” is almost burnt out, and the first [Maestro], which is anchored, he is not going anywhere, lit: he flames up to 20 metres tall. If [the weather] will allow people to disembark, then landed on Board and will look to establish whether a ship is flooding,” – said the Agency.

Earlier it became known that among the 12 rescued crew members were four Indian citizen and eight Turkish citizens, including two captains burned the boats. At least 20 people were killed.