British student launched the “hairy” flash mob and very proud of myself (PHOTO)

Британская студентка запустила «волосатый» флешмоб и очень горда собой (ФОТО)

Student Laura Jackson From Yorkshire invented the flash mob called Januhairy, which seeks to help women love and accept yourself natural.

About it writes Daily Mail.

Student at the University of Exeter said that this idea came to mind after I had grown my own hair.

“Although I felt relieved and more confident, some people around me didn’t understand or didn’t agree with why I did not shave. I realized that we still have much to do, so we can fully and sincerely accept each other,” said third-year student.

Laura published a picture of their armpits in Instagram to begin solving the problem.

“After several weeks of getting used to it, I was starting to like my natural hair. I also liked the lack of awkward episodes-shave”, she said.

Women from different countries took part in the competition. Laura hopes to raise £ 1,000 for charity educational program of Body Gossip, which tells young people about the body and its features.

“I think that having body hair is one of the many things that women should never feel worse. This is a project for people to better understand themselves and others,” she explained.

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