Brexit: the British Parliament discussed the agreement on withdrawal from the EU

Brexit: парламент Великобритании "прокатил" соглашение о выходе из ЕС

The house of Commons of the British Parliament did not support the agreement of the government on withdrawal from the EU, which the Prime Minister Theresa may agreed with Brussels, says European truth.

Voted against 432 MP, supported the document 202. For the approval needed 318 votes.

The decision of British MPs was not unexpected, it was clear that the government does not have enough votes, because even the number of party members Theresa may of the Conservative party was against the agreement with Brussels, not to mention the opposition labour party and the smaller parties from Scotland and Northern Ireland.

They are dissatisfied with a number of conditions in the agreement, in particular, with respect to the Irish border. Opponents of the agreement believe that time-limited special conditions on the border between British Northern Ireland and a member of the EU Ireland will be permanent and will not interfere with the conclusion of new free trade agreements.

The British government now for three days should submit a plan for further action, and then there are 5 scenarios: Brexit without an agreement, new negotiations with the EU, the UK General election, a second referendum and vote for the resignation of the government.

Theresa may yesterday warned of “the paralysis in Parliament,” if agreement is refused, and said that policy credibility will suffer “catastrophic damage” if the UK leaves the EU and does not fulfill the will of the citizens who voted in the referendum.