Brazil intends to sell most of the state-owned companies

 Бразилия намерена продать большую часть госкомпаний

Brazil intends to sell most of the state-owned companies, the privatization plan is almost ready, said in an interview with Bloomberg at the world economic forum in Davos the President of the country Air Bolsonaro.

In particular, planned to sell the airports and ports.”State-owned companies that are not profitable, must be sold,” said Bolsonaro,reports RIA Novosti.

While still a candidate, Bolsonaro opposed the privatization of the electric company Eletrobras in the part of generating capacity, allowing only the sale of the distribution network of energy.

In addition, he talked about the possibility of partial privatization of Petrobras. In his opinion, it is necessary to preserve the “core” of the company in the hands of the state. However, he admitted that the resources at Petrobras for the development there, which means that oil exploration can transfer to private companies.