Bradley Cooper : his confidences distressing on the death of his father in his arms

Bradley Cooper : ses confidences bouleversantes sur la mort de son père dans ses bras

Questioned by our colleagues from The Hollywood Reporter, Bradley Cooper has evoked an unsettling moment of his life : the death of his father in his arms. Strong words and worthy at the time.

In Hollywood, the Oscar race is in full swing. Weekly well-known in the world of cinema, The Hollywood Reporter conducts a series of interviews with the principal, appointed to the 91st edition of the Academy Awards (the official name of the Oscars). Among them, Bradley Cooper, whose film A star is born has eight nominations. When asked about his career but also his life in general, the actor and director is income on an episode upsetting that it has recently experienced : the death of her father in her arms in 2011 died of cancer.

It is the most beautiful gift that I’ve made, “says including Bradley Cooper, “in fact the second most beautiful gift. The first was that of having me and having me in his life, and then to have allowed me to be a witness to his death was just as important“. The comedian then explained that this moment had changed his perception of things. “I stopped worrying about issues I stressaient. It has changed my way of being an actor, the day that followed, I began to live my life in a different way“. This gives actually many things in perspective. For memory, the 91st ceremony of the Oscars will take place on the night of 24 to 25 February.