Boyko went to independent candidate – no party wanted to nominate its candidate – Smooth

Бойко пошел самовыдвиженцем - ни одна партия не захотела выдвинуть его кандидатом, - Гладких

17 Jan 2019 Yuriy Boiko as an independent candidate submitted documents to the CEC and, thus, joined the presidential race. In his briefing, he accused the BPP of bribery of voters which, according to him, is already in full swing, reports

Judging by the slogans that Boyko announced that his electoral program reproduces the ideas of the “Opposition bloc” from which it “for cooperation with the authorities and betrayal of the interests of voters,” was expelled last year.

Asked by journalists why he was not put forward by “the Opposition platform For life”, as he promised earlier, quickly evasively said that she was never registered as a party and therefore cannot formally introduce. Earlier media reported that this delay is associated mainly with the conflict between Boyko and Sergey Levochkin, on the one hand, and V. Rabinovich and V. Medvedchuk on the other, which broke out immediately after these politicians have decided to unite to participate in presidential elections. As a result, Yuri Boyko was left without a political brand and organizational network.

As stated by a famous political scientist Valentin Smooth, “Boyko twenty years in politics. And here’s the result – it did not want to nominate any party. In this situation smartly will be very difficult to convince voters to vote for him. For people he will be a man from the TV, which was not based on anything except personal ambition”.

He noted that, according to sociology, the rating Boyko after his expulsion from the Opposition bloc have fallen sharply and “it is not clear how he will be able to pick it up, in fact, exploiting the texts of the opposition bloc about direct negotiations for peace and the failures of social policy of the current government”.

After losing political support, Yuriy Boyko already tried using statements to the police to put pressure on the Opposition Bloc. However, the police confirmed that his allegations are baseless. Today it became known that the former accountant of the opposition bloc Valentine Gorlushko, derived from the leadership of the party in 2016, has challenged in the Pechersk court’s decision, thereby calling into question the legitimacy of this political force at a time when it is preparing to nominate for President Alexander Vilkul.

The analyst noted that “the government is playing with Boyko in one game and legal issues of trying to prevent the nomination of the administration under the brand name of the Opposition Bloc”.