Bogdan Uteha died: the probable cause of death is named

Bogdan Uteha died: the probable cause of death is named
Bogdan Uteha died: the probable cause of death is named
August 18, it became known about the death of the Ukrainian producer and former director of the groups “Ocean Elzy” 44-year-old Bogdan Utekhi. Art director of Atas Boris Ginzhuk in Facebook noted that Bogdan had heart problems, although there is no exact information about the cause of death.

A friend of Bogdan Utekhi, a concert photographer Dmitry Klochko, wrote a touching post on his social network page: “There are such people who are guides, there are people who believe in you, with immense gratitude for everything.” For the experience, for believing in me, for I do not know what happened and I do not want to know, I will say more – I do not believe in. I refuse, bow to you and thank you. “I am grieving.” Sleep calmly dear friend. “

Members of the TNMK group Fozzi and Fagot, Andrei Khlyvnyuk (Boombox), Zhenya Galich, Sasha Koltsova, Angelica Rudnitskaya and many others expressed their condolences to the relatives and friends of Bogdan Uetsehi. Also sad news in Facebook shared musicians of the group “Ocean Elzy”. “Bogdan Utseha (Utsekha Bogdan), who was our concert manager in the mid 2000s, left this world … Our sincere condolences to the family and friends.” Rest in peace, Bodia. ”

Also recalled the producer and Svyatoslav Vakarchuk on Twitter: “Bogdan Uchehy was not there.” At one time he was our concert manager and helped us a lot, but most importantly, he was always a very bright person. “It’s a pity that it’s so early … Rest in peace , Bodia! “, – the artist wrote.

“Bogdanchika is no more with us, he flew to the sky to listen to music, I love you, Bodia! I do not believe .All who will want to say goodbye – I will tell you later the place and time. Please pray for my Bogdanchik!” – wrote the wife of Utsheha.

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