Blue Origin will send tourists to suborbital flight in early 2019

 Blue Origin отправит туристов в суборбитальный полет в начале 2019 года

American company Blue Origin plans to send tourists on suborbital flights on the ships of the New Shepard in the first half of 2019 but have not yet determined the price of the ticket, said the head of strategy and sales of the company Ariane Cornell.

“We set a goal (to start) to fly with people at the beginning of 2019”, – quotes its words of the American edition of SpaceNews,reports RIA Novosti.

Cornell added that the company still does not sell tickets for suborbital flights. “We haven’t determined the price of the ticket,” she said.

According to her, suborbital flights on the New Shepard vehicle will be available not only for rich people. “We’re going to find ways to make sure that not only the super-rich can fly in space,” explained Cornell.

In 2015-2018, the company Blue Origin has completed nine test flights of suborbital rockets New Shepard, in which she participated two of the eponymous unmanned spacecraft.