Black Panther Power (Channel+) : How the Marvel movie Black Panther has become a phenomenon of society

Black Panther Power (Canal+) : Comment le film Marvel Black Panther est devenu un phénomène de société

On the occasion of the dissemination of the Black Panther on Canal+ this evening, the documentary Black Panther Power returned at 23: 15 on the extraordinary destiny of this film that sets the stage for the first black super hero and has become a true phenomenon of society.

Can one movie change the world ? In the case of Black Panther, to be broadcast at 21: 00 tonight on Canal+, the answer is : yes. Beyond its enormous commercial success with $ 1.5 billion of revenue in the world, this blockbuster directed by a black-and-worn by a cast mostly african-american has become a landmark of popular culture as well as a political manifesto : Black is beautiful, Black is powerfull. In the documentary Black Panther Power, broadcast at 23: 15 in the wake of the Marvel movie, Sophie Pagès investigation to understand the scope of this societal phenomenon.

Black Panther Power (Canal+) : Comment le film Marvel Black Panther est devenu un phénomène de société© 2018 Black Dynamite Production

The Africa centre of the world : Black Panther, the king’s African super-powers, powerful, aggressive, was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, in an America torn apart by racial inequalities. Ryan Coogler, director of Fruitvale Station , which recounts the murder of a young black man by the police and Creed, place the black identity at the heart of Black Panther. In the film, this is not the white hero who comes to save the world, but a monarch black, T Challa that rules Wakanda, a kingdom that is utopian to the point of the technology, an el Dorado secret where everyone’s potential is maximized. It is a film about african pride, even if no scene has been shot : all landscapes have all been recreated digitally.

Powerful women : As emphasized by Lucien Jean-Baptiste, the director of The first star , and He already has your eyes, it is hard to hear his daughter say to you : “I’ll never be a princess because I’m black !Black Panther sets the scene for strong women and powerful first and foremost, the sister of the king T Challa, embodied by Letitia Wright : a small engineering of new technologies and the warrior Okoye, played by Danai Gurira, whose army is inspired by the amazons of Dahomey, this elite corps all female.

The fight against racial inequalities : in addition, the bout between T Challa (Chadwick Boseman) and Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) reminds us of the one who opposed the pacifist Martin Luther King and the apostle of the violence of Malcolm X in the 60s. We can see Killmonger the enfant terrible of the Black Power whose point lifted and tight became a rallying cry known worldwide. Indeed, the salvation of the Wakanda, arms crossed on the chest in the shape of a w, is also, become since the release of the film, a rallying cry to the black cause.

Good timing : The impact of Black Panther has been even greater in the african-american community that his message is found in the movement Black Lives Matter against police violence in the United States, and the controversy Oscars So White in 2016, to protest against the fitness routine of the most prestigious awards of cinema of the whites and against the lack of nominations for black actors. Black Panther has proven that a film with of black could make a cardboard world. Its huge success will he be able to change minds ? We can then talk of real revolution.