Black Labrador befriended a Dolphin and became a star Network (VIDEO)

Черный лабрадор подружился с дельфином и стал звездой Сети (ВИДЕО)

In the Australian city Glenelg the video hit a black Labrador swimming with a Dolphin in streams of Patawalonga.

An interesting scene has published on the YouTube channel ViralHog.

“I looked at the river and saw a black Labrador who swam with the Dolphin. They were splashing together, and from the outside it looked like they play,” says the eyewitness journalists of the newspaper El Comercio.

The woman claims that after twenty minutes on the shore, a crowd gathered to see how the dog and the Dolphin play in the water. But Labrador at that time was very exhausted. Then the dog returned to the owner on shore unharmed.

“Friends are the family we choose ourselves” – comment on the video network users. At the time of publication the video had collected more than 10 thousand views and dozens of “likes”.

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