Between Russia and Ukraine is growing – expert

Между РФ и Украиной растет товарооборот – эксперт

Between Russia and Ukraine, despite the breaking of contracts, trade is growing, while the quotas on Ukrainian goods – one of the factors inhibiting trade with the European Union (EU).

Comments about this ГолосUA, said an expert on economic and political issues Vsevolod Stepanyuk.

“Between Russia and Ukraine, despite the breaking of contracts, the trade is growing. This is especially true of imports from the Russian Federation. At the same time, trade between the EU and Ukraine is of unequal nature. Imports from the EU growing much faster than sales of Ukrainian goods to the European Union”, – said Victor Stepaniuc.

According to him, the quota – one of the factors inhibiting trade with the EU.

“The sale of Ukrainian goods to the EU is constrained by the fact that the majority of products of agricultural sector, there are quotas. Anything over the quota is subject to high duties, making the trade unprofitable. The second factor is the lack of recognition of the EU to Ukrainian standards. To adopt European standards of the Ukrainian enterprise instantly can’t. It requires a lot of money. Ukraine recognizes the European standards, so naturally the Europeans to freely sell their products to us, and the Ukrainian enterprises cannot sell their products in the EU. That is, the Association agreement and free trade only so-called. In fact, there is no free trade no. The third factor is the fact that Ukrainian enterprises are quite weak in financial terms. Expensive loans are holding back the sale of goods in the EU. There is very high competition and in order to sell anything, you need to spend a lot of money,” – concluded Victor Stepaniuc.

We will remind, last year the volume of trade of Ukraine with the EU countries amounted to 44,446 billion, which is 12% higher than a year earlier (39,569 billion dollars). This is evidenced by data of customs statistics of the State fiscal service.