Better not to give: named the most dangerous products

Лучше вовсе отказаться: названы самые опасные продукты

Perhaps it is time to starve…

A list of products from which it is better not to opt for health benefit.

Fast food: instant noodles, instant soups, mashed potatoes, bouillon cubes, instant juices type “UPI” and “Zuko”. It contains only chemical that are harmful to the body, reports

Smoked sausage and more. They are from genetically modified soybeans. Frankfurters, wieners, cooked sausages, pates and other products with the so-called hidden fats. In their composition fat, visceral fat, pork skin occupy up to 40% of the weight, but disguised as meat, including using flavorings. About any naturalness in this case we are not talking. Take a thin neck and a kilogram of gel. For the night in a special machine gel “raskolbashivaetsya” together with a piece of the neck in the morning and get a huge chunk of “meat”. Meat as such it is not more than 5%. Everything else — gel (karatekin, flavor enhancers, color enhancers). The pink color of this “meat” give color enhancers with special lamps. If you turn off the lamp in the window, You will see that the color is green. As before, no one smokes. Used liquid smoke, which, again, formaldehyde.

Лучше вовсе отказаться: названы самые опасные продукты

Dairy products with a long shelf life (over 2 months). All that stored more than 2 weeks, can not use.

Aseptic packaging is packing with antibiotic.

Watermelons. If you carried 10 times, the 11th might not be as lucky. Watermelon — fertilized such substances that this is the first candidate for the poisoning.

Pepper (not in season). Absolutely genetically modified product.

Cupcakes in packages.

Rolls. They are not stale, not spoiled, not dry, with them doing nothing. They happens to them. And in a month they will be the same.

Лучше вовсе отказаться: названы самые опасные продукты

Candy. 90% chocolate is not chocolate (dyes substitutes). Chocolate bars. This is a huge amount of calories combined with chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes and flavors. The combination of large amounts of sugar and different chemical additives provides the highest caloric content and the desire to eat them again and again.

Foreign teas, flavored teas, etc. Drink natural tea, in which nothing floats and additional taste. All flavored teas with citric acid, orange acid, with some sort of acid. The addiction arises immediately. We need acid to bring the body.

Refined, deodorized vegetable oil. This oil cannot be used raw in salads. The oil produced by the factories for production, is initially not use the product. These oils are not useful for the digestive system, drowning out its work blocking fat substance all the processes of digestion.