Belarus has banned the chant “Who does not jump, the Muscovite” – news ZIK.UA

Court for the Central district of the capital of Belarus, Minsk, was recognized as extremist chant “Who does not jump, the Moskal!”, which has gained notoriety for Ukrainian football fans.

It is reported with reference to the Belarusian service of “Radio Liberty”.

У Білорусії заборонили кричалку «Хто не скаче, той москаль» – новини ZIK.UA

The Republican expert Commission of Belarus has made the slogan “Who does not jump, the Moskal!” in the list of extremist materials banned for distribution and citation. Now for the chants this chants in the Belarusian legislation provides for penalties from 10 to 50 non-taxable minimum (approximately 3 to 15 thousand hryvnia) or an administrative arrest.

Recall that the slogan “Who does not jump, the Moskal!” Gained popularity in Ukraine during the events bromide in 2013-2014 Belarus first uses of chants was recorded in 2015 and, in particular, in the spring of 2015 during protests in Minsk. In September this year, the Belarusian fans were chanting the slogan in the stands during a football match Belarus – San Marino.

Previously, “Judicial and legal newspaper” published the statement of the analyst’s Democracy house Anatoly Ontisuka, who said that the Russian Federation in the near future can capture Belarus.

The process of “Association” may take place before the presidential elections in Belarus, scheduled for 2020. At the same time Russia will not allow Alexander Lukashenko to run for another term.

Also earlier it was reported that on the shelves of Belarusian stores were seen globes on which the Peninsula of the Crimea was marked as Russian territory.

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