Because of the shortage of locksmiths in the country Groisman will not have time to provide Ukrainians with gas meters, ex – Minister of housing

Из-за дефицита слесарей в стране Гройсман не успеет обеспечить украинцев счетчиками газа – экс-министр ЖКХ

The idea of Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman on quick installation of gas meters the citizens of Ukraine is not viable.

This is a social network was announced by the former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko.

According to Kucherenko, V. Groisman, even not believed, what time frame is needed to install these counters.

However, this is a very important issue in the shortage of mechanics and other technical specialists in the country.

“It seems, Vinnytska market economy model, the “Market +” again will make “the post” ?! I propose to discuss! Thank You Mr Man. “And who will produce it? In the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” there are welders and locksmiths? Welder’s salary in the oblgaz 6000 UAH in the service of underground pipelines and 10,000 UAH, the one who puts counters (piecework form of payment). To earn 10000 UAH – it is necessary in the day to put a 4 meter (and that’s a high rate) When the welder and fitter at the same time “persecuting” number – the risk of poor installation. And this is the gas! Realistically, efficiently and safely – maximum 3 meter !!!”, – said the former Minister.

According to him, if the rest of the country plumbers will install gas meter at this rate, it will take one year to complete the work.

“And now you can count how much time you can put the counters to 100% metering if each oblgaz is now putting 1-2 teams. 3 million meters. Take a calculator, Mr. Groysman. If the shortest time is 10 years – that such orders NAC to a single location. In the regional gas welders and locksmiths are those who are already late to go to Poland – people of pre-retirement and retirement age. Because in Poland or the Czech Republic the welder gets to our 40 thousand hryvnia, And until we have at least 20 until the youth will be going to regional gas companies not to work and to study (learn by us) and leave. The same applies to Ukrtransgaz – workers waiting for spring to come,” he described labour shortage in the country Kucherenko.

And the situation is exacerbated, he added.

“Therefore, it is necessary to apply not to the NAC, and in NCIKU for the redistribution of the tariff in favor of Ukrtransgaz and gas companies. And to provide for the increased costs of labor at least 2 times. And to provide for the increase in staff in the trades. At the same rate it is necessary to lay the money on the counters (except for additional costs of materials, transport, equipment, taxes) Because soon there will be only Groisman and NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine” and the postman, who will carry on B. Khmelnitsky 6 order and return replies . Besides the installation of meters, you need someone else to take readings. Mr. Prime Minister probably does not know how many gas companies have reduced the controllers and how many subscribers now have one of those left. And another question to those who do not want to voluntarily this counter (free) to install. For example, daily roasts on sale pasties. So 10 cubic meters per month of mega-profitable. And here is the order of the NAC is clearly not enough. So talking to the camera and solve the problem holistically – at the same time does not fit in the head of the Prime Minister. Maybe back to the winery, to the market?”, – wrote A. Kucherenko.

Recall, January 30 Groysman during the meeting of the Cabinet said that the need to install the free gas meters to all Ukrainians. “Today we are going to recommend “Naftogaz” to provide all citizens with free meters and then we make our point, because it is a gas, and nobody would abuse it,” – said Groisman. The Prime Minister noted that the ruling is the decision point to the Ministry of economy has taken into account the money that will be spent “Naftogaz” for the installation of meters in the company’s financial plan.