Because of Brexit from the UK brought over a trillion dollars

Из-за Brexit из Великобритании вывели более триллиона долларов

In fact, the evaluation of assets of companies in other EU countries is significantly higher, analysts say.

This writes Interfax on Tuesday, January 8, referring to the consulting company EY.

In anticipation of a British exit from the EU banks and Finance companies withdrew from the country’s economic operations, personnel and customer assets worth about 800 billion pounds (more than a trillion dollars).

Analysts have studied the public statements 222 of the biggest players in the British financial services market. The company tracked the dynamics of the sector since the completion of the referendum on Brexit in June 2016.

In the EY study highlights that since the calculations used only public data, this estimate may be too conservative, and the actual values will be significantly higher. In addition, not all companies that have published plans for the transfer of operations from London in connection with the Brexit, has revealed details about the value of the assets.

“The amount can still be called modest given the fact that the only assets of the banking sector in the UK are estimated at almost 8 trillion pounds, but it may become more as you move to the Brexit”, – stated in the document.

At the end of November 36% studied by EY, the company announced plans to move some operations from London to other European capitals. Including such steps prepare more than half (55%) of surveyed banks, including investment banks and brokerage firms, and 44% of management companies and 42% of insurers.

Almost a third (30%) companies designated end point of the movement of assets and employees. According to EY, the lead Dublin, Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Paris.

The official date of a British exit from the EU is the 29 March 2019.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the British Parliament will vote for Brexit January 15.