Became known the grisly details of the kidnapping 13-year-old American girls (PHOTO)

Стали известны жуткие подробности похищения 13-летней американской девочки (ФОТО)

Arrested earlier 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson, has already confessed to their crimes.

About it report “Facts”.

The offender said that his goal was to kidnap Jamie and her parents he killed just to hurt him. He was not familiar with them. A girl noticed on the street when she boarded the school bus. And decided that have to have it. To the crime, Patterson was preparing long and hard. He even shaved his head to the murder scene found no hair and are unable to calculate it by DNA test. He also bought a black Balaclava to hide the face. And stole rooms with someone else’s car.

Стали известны жуткие подробности похищения 13-летней американской девочки (ФОТО)

15 October, bursting into the house, Patterson shot and killed 46-year-old Denise and 56-year-old James Klassov. First he was killed by the father. And then Patterson broke down the door, rushed into the bathroom, where, arm in arm, hiding the frightened mother and daughter. He killed a woman shot in the head, and the girl was bound hand and foot with duct tape, loaded into the trunk of his car and took him to secluded cabin, in the basement of which held her three months before she managed to escape. According to the criminal, murder and abduction took him no more than four minutes.

Patterson was regularly beaten Jamie and threatened her. When someone came up or he needed to leave, maniac made her sit under my bed. Sometimes she spent 12 hours without water, food and opportunities to go to the toilet. In addition, Jake Thomas was surrounded the bed boxes, bags, Laundry baskets and other heavy things that she was hard to budge. Also their locations the thief could see, touched it to his prisoner and not trying to get out.

10 Jan Patterson told Jamie that would leave five or six hours. Having been convinced in his absence, the girl got out from under the bed, grabbed his shoes and the first arm clothes and ran out of the house. Moving to the runs next to the road the girl had appealed for help to the woman walking the dog.

Patterson was detained when he was driving in the car, looking for Jamie on the street.

Currently unemployed, Patterson had not got into the view of police. Classmates described him as introverted and unsociable person.

The offender will appear before the court.

Jamie is now with relatives — in the family of her aunt, who intends to arrange guardianship of an orphaned niece.
She even received gifts at Christmas, which missed. Her family never ceased to believe that she is alive and will return.

We will remind, earlier it was reported, in Kiev, a drunken murderer dismembered sobutylnitsa and forgotten part of the body in the bag near the road.