Became known the details of the last moments of life decl

 Стали известны подробности последних минут жизни Децла

Concert Director Russian rapper Kirill Tolmatsky, alias Decl, told the details of the last moments of the life of a musician. According to Paul Belentsa, the death of the artist all of a sudden.

“After the speech in Izhevsk in the lounge bar POSH he [Tolmatskogo] went to the dressing room. In a few minutes he became ill, he sat in a chair and died,” — said the Belentsa journalists RT.

According to him, the ambulance arrived within five minutes. The doctors fought for the life of the artist is about half an hour, including injections of adrenaline, reports Izvestia.

“Unfortunately, they [CPR] was unsuccessful,” he added.

The belentsa also said that currently waiting for a call from employees of the interior Ministry, which promised to day, “something explanatory to give the timing and immediate action.”

“Only thing I know that we are planning to go as soon as you inform us the date when we can pick it up and move to Moscow”, — he said, reports “RIA Novosti”.