Baleen accuses Dodon: he puts sticks in the wheels of the foreign Ministry, which plans today to bring home the Moldovan prisoners

 Усатый обвиняет Додона: он ставит палки в колеса МИДу, который планирует сегодня привести домой молдавских пленных

President Igor Dodon desperately asking Moscow authorities that they will not allow our countrymen, freed from captivity in Afghanistan, return home with the delegation of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Moldova, which went up yesterday to bring them home today.

This was announced by the leader of the Our party of Renato usatyi live on Facebook.

“He desperately calls to Moscow and said: do Not allow pilots to go with the Ministry of foreign Affairs,” he stated.

We will remind, Renato usatyi said earlier in the telecast that the Moldovan pilots could return home in the spring of last year, but President Igor Dodon opposed it. He wanted the release of the hostages occurred in the midst of the election campaign.

“The problem with the prisoners stretches back to last year. Did you see a private plane in Moscow airport? He could fly to Chisinau for just a half an hour… could have. That’s the problem. Dodon hold the prisoners for another week. Then comb your hair and go to Moscow. People arrive at the airport, stand in front of him on his knees and cry. He at the misfortune of these people will make a PR,” he stated.