Azarov recalled Ukraine and has become a laughing stock

Азаров вспомнил об Украине и стал посмешищем

In the Internet ridiculed the former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yanukovych of Mykola Azarov, which abruptly began to feel the price of cabbage.

A relevant post made by the blogger “Fascists Donetsk”, says the Politek.

“Nick, Hava with a shovel in silence”, — stated in the message.

Note that the published photo shows that the Azarov complains about expensive cabbage in Ukraine.

“Now, I think false media no longer hunt to speak about it. She (cabbage) rose 10 times,” he said.

We emphasize that this “concern” for the Ukrainian users of the network met with humor.

“Oh, cravatica”, “nick Azarov only has to worry about the diameter of a bottle”, “who what – and Azarov on his own. Cabbage”, “I’d forgotten what this old man”, “both was, and remained freak”, “nick forgot the shovel in his hands to take. Let Russia goes to save,” they write.