Avakov has threatened to disperse the new Maidan “idiots”

Аваков пригрозил разогнать новый Майдан "идиотов"

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has promised a tough reaction of the police officers in case to organize a new Maidan in the presidential elections in 2019, regardless of who is organizing the protests.

About this Poroshenko said in an interview with Left Bank.

“Candidates must understand that in their desperate struggle, they should not derail statehood. And civil servants should be clear. I say: if the final will be Poroshenko and Tymoshenko, and win the Poroshenko – Tymoshenko will make the Maidan. Conversely, if Tymoshenko wins, Poroshenko will bring people to the street. And I say to those dreamers that in case any of these scenarios, our government will be under great risk,” – said Avakov.

According to the Minister, the protests are “right-wing and left-wing radicals, idiots, or hired someone the people.”

“We already see as they walk through the political headquarters with a proposal to provide control of the counting of votes. The national police and the national guard enough at the root to prevent the situation,” warned Avakov.