Autumn Blues: resist apathy and bad

Осенняя хандра: противостоим апатии и плохому

With the arrival of autumn and the onset of cold weather, many people experience weakness, fatigue and suffering from bad mood. According to experts, seasonal mood swings are more prone to women because of their emotion. To worsen this condition can inadequate sleep, poor diet, stress and prolonged lack of proper rest. Because in the fight against depression you need to start with Troubleshooting these issues.

How to soften the blow

The so-called “seasonal depression” caused by the restructuring of the body to a new rhythm and the reduction of daylight. Some people such melancholy does not live in the usual pace, work normally without resorting to medicines. Fortunately, for most such restructuring is associated with only minor discomfort and mood swings.

“You should pay attention to symptoms such as a constant desire to sleep, difficulty to get up in the morning, rarely– insomnia, constant feeling of tiredness, unwillingness to work, chat with friends, the feeling of helplessness and despair, irritability, lack of sexual desires, mood swings,” says the doctor, Victoria Savitskaya.

To mitigate the manifestation of symptoms will help gentle exercise, fresh air, good sleep, beautiful and bright colors in clothing and interior design, aromatherapy, soft music and passion for favourite business.

“It is necessary to normalize the sleep-wakefulness. Besides, eating man becomes sluggish, passive, doesn’t want to study or work, then he clearly has a shortage of biological substances. And this is a signal that we urgently need to reconsider your diet. Do not forget about multivitamins, eat more fruits and vegetables – fortunately now a lot of them, and they cost a penny,” says the doctor.

If irritability or apathy, bad mood becomes permanent, it is better to start taking the herbal preparations which will allow to achieve a certain psychological and psychophysiological harmony.

Foods for a good mood

According to nutritionists, early autumn is absolutely the wrong time for diets and different dietary restrictions. Besides, since the beach season is behind us, everyone can afford to eat an extra piece of steak or chocolate.

“Let the body’s normal rebuild and the maximum it will support. First of all, natural vitamins, and, of course, Goodies like chocolate, which is known to be uplifting! Sweet stimulates the brain, triggers the production of so-called “hormones” happiness (especially when talking about chocolate). Have the same effect, and bananas”, – assured the expert.

Perfectly support the body and lift the spirits of a variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition, because they contained vitamins and minerals, they provide additional protection of the body before the flu season.

“All the fruits bright colors in their permanent consumption positively affect the endocrine system, causing it begins to produce the “correct” hormones, which actively resist the fatigue and melancholy. I recommend to eat at least 3-4 fruits daily and at least 250 grams of vegetables, it is desirable that the fruit was different saturated colors,” says the specialist.

When the tendency to respond to changes in temperature or weather, change of season, etc., be sure to review the daily menu. It should be natural products of plant origin. It is already proven that fatty, fried foods and fast food not only affects health and shape, but also contributes to the development of depression. Because they have no place on your plate, as well as red meat in large quantities, the semi-smoked sausages and canned food.

“The most useful products that help the production of endorphins include dark chocolate, bananas, red bell pepper, grapefruit, avocado. Also to cope with the autumn Blues and to put in order vessels will help unsaturated fatty acids. Because of them is a third structure of the brain. They improve blood circulation in cerebral vessels, making them more elastic. If the body lacks omega-3, our nerve cells – neurons – working in a reduced pace, causing reduced emotional background and there is a sense of longing. Because you have to include in the diet vegetable oils – olive, soybean, canola, sunflower, peanut. Fish, especially marine species. They contain large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are involved in hormonal and lipid metabolism, help at the biochemical level maintain emotional stability and resist depression”, – says the expert.

Fresh air

Lack of oxygen inhibits the body and brain, and he indicates this by sleepiness and bad mood. Because often walk, and ventilate the room – it is a prerequisite of a struggle with bad mood and usatomu.

“Evening walk will not only help to improve sleep quality and psychological state. And to ventilate the home room and office space necessary in order not to fall into a sleepy condition and not to suffer in the workplace due to the complete unwillingness to do anything. This, at first glance, seems fairly banal advice, but he is one of the most effective. Now, when the street is not so hot, stop using air conditioning and open office all Windows – you feel that you work has become much easier. It is important that the window did not go on the roadway,” – said the doctor.

By the way with hypoxia, ie lack of oxygen, helps to fight the fragrant Linden tea, not to mention the fact that this delicious drink will invigorate and give strength for the day.

Be sure to get enough sleep, otherwise, irritability and nervousness can become your constant companions, and smile when it takes every little thing very difficult. If you can’t sleep take night sedation fees based on the yarrow, peppermint or Valerian. Excellent for a relaxing bath with sea salt and foam.

Add brightness

To maintain a good mood, experts recommend to surround ourselves with pleasant emotions and interesting people.

“Even if it seems that the strength is not everything, don’t sit on the sofa, better make an appointment with friends, meet a friend for coffee, go to the movies and so on. Often apathy drives us is the monotony, is to get away from all familiar and common, as the mood improves dramatically, and new strength and desire.

Try to make their homes or office as bright. Of course, to include in the evening the electricity in the whole apartment now not everyone wants, subject to the price, but a maximum of light into the room in which you are, especially if in my head bad thoughts, need. The darkness on the street or in the apartment cool in the morning, when you want to sleep, but it’s time to get ready for work, depressing. Therefore, upon waking, immediately turn lamp, floor lamp, chandelier – this will help to quickly Wake up and set the tone for what the new day has already begun,” said psychologist Vladislav PPE.

The expert recommends to create a bright atmosphere. It is necessary to slightly change the interior of the house, adding more bright colors. First, the process will distract from the sad thoughts, and secondly, when all around you is “bloom”, and moping will not make sense. A very strong influence on our mental state have a yellow and orange – no wonder they are called “flowers of happiness”.

In aromatherapy for relieving stress and uplifting mood usually use flavors of orange, verbena or of lemon – you can just wrap them your room using aroma lamps.

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