Australian woman gave birth to twins, after three miscarriages (PHOTOS)

Австралийка родила близнецов после трех выкидышей (ФОТО)

After three miscarriages, spent on useless treatment $ 75 thousand and five IVF procedures (artificial insemination – ed.) have 50-year-old Manda Epton finally the children were born, twins.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

It is known that the woman and her boyfriend for years tried to conceive a child, but because of problems Epton could not get around it. In the end, when the woman turned 39 years old, she and her boyfriend broke up because of infertility.

Left alone, she decided in that whatever was to become pregnant and give birth to yourself. Doctors warned that she should hurry, because the number of eggs is decreasing every year and after menopause likely to give birth to would not be.

Австралийка родила близнецов после трех выкидышей (ФОТО)

For ten years she went through about five courses of IVF, but embryos do not survive, and if pregnancy, had a miscarriage. Specialists in ECO gave Manda only 5% chance that it will be able to become a mother. But the woman was not going to give up, and was looking for egg donors in different countries.

And in December 2017, her efforts were crowned with success – the long-awaited pregnancy, which was uneventful.

In August 2018, she gave birth to two twin girls, who like mom, was blonde with blue eyes.

Also, earlier it was reported that American researchers found that among women marturomai high percentage of those who are in the later stages of pregnancy slept more than nine hours a day. Despite the fact that the authors do not make conclusions about the dangerous effects of prolonged sleep on the survival of the fetus, they suggest that this relationship may be explained by the fact that sleep is characterized by minimal blood pressure, which can adversely affect the pregnancy.