Audrey Fleurot (Gear, season 7) : “I’m very attached to Josephine”

Audrey Fleurot (Engrenages, saison 7) : "Je suis très attachée à Joséphine"

Canal+ quickdraw finally season 7 of’Gears this Monday, February 4, from 21 hours. A chapter very hard to master Karlsson ! Audrey Fleurot, his interpreter tells us more.

Since 2005, Audrey Fleurot embodies the formidable lawyer Josephine Karlsson in Gear. Thrown in jail at the end of season 6, it discovers the horrors of incarceration in this seventh chapter of the series of Canal+, dedicated to money laundering and white collar crime. What does call into question his vision of his job… Small argument of the actress in favor of her character.

Tele-Leisures : In what state of mind can be found, Josephine ?
Audrey Fleurot :
She has lost everything, even his faith in justice. But in prison, she meets an inmate who will be the engine of a big change. I was thrilled that Josephine is working in an environment which it does not control codes. I was able to work on the emotions.

You shot in a real prison. How is it held ?
It is a unique experience. The prison is modern and fairly clean, yet it is able quickly to how life in prison is oppressive. We had a shooting schedule is very limited, and the security measures were very strict : for the lunch break, it was an hour out and an hour back home.

Have you talked to the inmates ?
Yes. We were shooting next to the space dedicated to the mothers who gave birth in prison. It was sometimes discussed between shots, they asked me to pose for a photo with them. Then I learned that some had committed up to four murders. It’s weird to say that the girl with whom you discuss is a serial killer…

Are you satisfied with the development of your character ?
I am always happy to meet Josephine, an “old girlfriend” to which I’m very attached. But I have put in the time to apprehend it as it is elusive. It is past of a character very cynical, greedy for money and power, assuming you work for trash, a lawyer defending the widow and the orphan, or the extreme left. In this season 7, it falls back on its feet. As she has lost everything, she can rebuild everything.