Attention to the nose and eyes: physiognomist said that hides Zelensky

Внимание на нос и глаза: физиогномист рассказала, что скрывает Зеленский

The presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky carefully maintains the image of a “simple man of the people”. This is indicated by his recent behavior in the conversation with journalists of the program “Schemes”.

This was stated by the psychologist and physiognomist Elena rykhal’s’ke. She said that now the Ukrainian people actively requires other politicians, and that means more than just reacting to something new. The important thing to proper way today is construction interest.

“First we need to attract the attention of the electorate. There’s nothing better than some negative points or even negative reactions. To draw attention – means to arouse interest. And then the electorate can be persuaded. Therefore, in terms of behavioral reactions, it is possible that this was a planned action”, – said rykhal’s’ke.

The psychologist assured that Zelensky as a professional actor, to get lost is not capable in principle. And the scandalous footage talking about the fact that he plays very well the common man.

“If it’s not Zelensky, and a man of the people, who said that again raising the gas prices again rose bread, subway fare – that is his expression. From this point of view, it is rather close to the electorate, rather than Vice versa. Given the fact that the main message Zelensky is very important that the President was a good man, not to steal, was decent,” said she.

Statements about “I don’t owe anyone anything”, I’m sure rykhal’s’ke Zelensky clearly plucked from Kolomoisky. The latter, too often behaves similarly. Nevertheless, she stated, this is the game of the actor.

“Speaking of physiognomy – close-set eyes say that clearly Zelensky calculates every step. This is a man who is not inclined to rash actions, he decides, he has all pre-defined and thought out. It’s not a person that can be caught by surprise. And if you look at the shape of his nose, it is pointing down. It speaks of greed, love for money,” she said.