Attention drivers: traffic on roads may deteriorate due to snowfall

 Внимание, водители: движение на дорогах может ухудшиться из-за снегопадом

Traffic on country roads can deteriorate due to snowfall. With such a warning made by the national patrolling Inspectorate. The institution said that this morning the traffic is in normal mode, but due to the ongoing snowfall as roads may suddenly change.

In these circumstances, law enforcement officers made recommendations to riders in a way. They are urged to exercise caution on the road, obey the rules of traffic and adjust speed to road conditions. At the same time, if the roadway is wet or covered with snow, drivers should drive at a safe speed to be able to stop because in such conditions the braking distance is much longer, according to MOLDPRES.

Drivers are urged not to perform risky maneuvers to drive with headlights. In addition, vehicles must be equipped with chains, a shovel, a scraper and a bag of sand.

Currently, the patrol team ply the roads of the country and actively work to ensure the safety of citizens.

People who have fallen on hard times or are in need of roadside assistance can call the number 112.

According to the State hydro-meteorological service, precipitation in the form of snow will be held in the coming days across the country.