Attacks Garden on Medvedchuk is a fable about a pug in a new way, – the journalist

Нападки Садового на Медведчука - это басня про моську на новый лад, - журналист

Journalist Andrei Kravchenko says that using appeals to delay Viktor Medvedchuk, Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy hopes to save your “junk” rating.

According to the journalist, the scandals with debris destroyed the image of the Garden as a “good Manager”.

“And now the elections are still 4 months and the candidate has Garden serious problems – and rating, and image. Remember, in 2014 the Garden was the image of a “good Manager”. But after a nationwide series of “the adventures of Lviv’s trash,” the Garden can safely discard the image of a “good Manager” in the trash (excuse the pun),” says the journalist.

According to Kravchenko, the Garden plays the role of a pug, barking at the elephant, when to hold Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Now everyone is discussing who and how to rescue 24 Ukrainian sailors, who are in a Moscow jail. It is clear that the options are virtually none – in the Minsk contact group, the fate of the sailors will not be discussed, there are discussing only the prisoners, which fall under the Minsk agreements. There is only one option – is the personal contacts of Medvedchuk Putin. Savchenko, the guards Marconi and Dzyubak, many other examples have shown that it can solve this problem,” – explains the author.

According to Kravchenko, Garden behaved like most petty politicians decided to play the role of a small but harmful dog from the fable about “the Elephant and the pug”.

“The garden has recorded a video for Youtube, which offered to detain opposition politician and exchanged for sailors. In fact, the mayor of the city knows that none of his stupidity won’t even listen. But his task is to create the impression that he’s a tough patriot who is not afraid to clash with the very Medvedchuk. Oh, pug, I know she is strong…” – quoted by the journalist of a line from the fable by Ivan Krylov “Elephant and pug”.

However, according to Kravchenko, calls the Garden showed that he really care about the fate of the Ukrainian sailors.

“But the Garden and the company has not considered how inappropriate it sounded, the idea right now. At this point, all normal people think of how to help the sailors, and the Garden offers how to prevent the chief negotiator of Ukraine in the face of Medvedchuk. And the mayor of the city, it turns out to not care about the fate of the Ukrainian sailors – with this kind of questionable public relations he makes his own “junk rating”, – concluded the journalist.

“In General, the role of pug garden failed – failed acting,” stated the journalist Andrey Kravchenko.

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