Athlete Christina.: Euro 2018 I set a personal record and very happy – news ZIK.UA

Легкоатлетка Христина Юдкіна: На Євро-2018 я встановила особистий рекорд і дуже цим задоволена – новини ZIK.UA

The national team of Ukraine on athletics its first awards at the European championship-2018 in Berlin, won in race walking for 50 km, where Marjan Sokolnitskiy got the gold, and Alina Zweli – “silver”.

But the graduate of the Lviv state University of physical culture Christine., finishing fourth, was, alas, no medals.

Note that Christina came to the championship-2018 in the status of a record holder of Ukraine in race walking for 50 km, but the distance of the beginning is not on the leading positions. However, it would not be myself if I hadn’t gathered all her strength together and not added in the final part of the race. The finish line crossed The. fourth with a new personal record – 4:20.46 an hour. And at least now the record holder of Ukraine is Alina Zvili, Christine wasn’t upset and sincerely congratulate Alina and with the result, and with a medal, writes

“The track is super, everything is fine, I set a personal record and very happy with it. Alinka – all good! I think she did not expect that they will be able to go so fast, – he admitted after the finish Christina.. It was hot, but I would not say that it prevented me. We were ready for it. And, frankly, thought it would be harder – too hard, I retreated after the world team Championships in race walking in Titan. I was in so dismantled a state that can say, started training only at the July camp in Bolu.”

“Usually, it’s harder for me to walk the final five kilometers. I have the impression that I go their like a half. But this time they were given easier, but in the middle was hard. By the way, when we went to Berlin, I immediately said Aline Moldy and Vasilisa Vitousek that we need to finish in the top eight, because it allows you to directly qualify for the world Championships. And we did it!”

“On the course I was both an athlete and a coach, because in parallel, in the men’s event was my student Valery Ltank. Always worried about him, especially closely monitor display with the alert, because johnny has a problem with his knee. When pereskias on the track, have something to tell him, and he was mine. Support each other”.

And today, August 11, in the evening ubawareta for two graduates of our University Dmitry Demjanjuk and Andrey Protsenko, who in the final of Euro 2018 (beginning at 21 Kyiv time) will compete for medals in the high jump.

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