At the crossroads of the worlds – the compass of gold (TFX) : why the film has not been followed

A la croisée des mondes - la boussole d'or (TFX) : pourquoi le film n'a pas eu de suite

This Tuesday on TFX, embark on a fantastic adventure with the Crossroads of the worlds : the compass of gold. Released in 2007, this movie in the casting prestigious and adapted from a trilogy to success has never been on at the cinema… Explanations.

On paper, the adaptation of the saga literary at The Crossroads of the worlds could have been a real success. Novels critically acclaimed, adored by adolescents, and supported by strong sales. In film, the saga of Philip Pullman had everything to succeed, especially with such a cast : Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Eva Green, Christopher Lee… A captivating adventure, where the sparkling Lyra tries to solve the mystery of missing children, while his uncle about a strange expedition to the far North. With the enigmatic and terrifying Marisa Coulter (Nicole Kidman) as she embarks in this exciting region, and will not be the end of his surprises.

But this fantasy novel has got to be wrong to take a little too much to the Church, very powerful in the United States. This critical underlying and strongly anti-religious on the part of the writer earned him a all the wrath of puritan America who rediscovered this speech provocative in the feature film directed by Chris Weitz. An american web site and do not hesitate at the time to assert that “The Compass of gold is the Devil“, is very emphatic. The Church goes to the niche even before the release of the film, and the project becomes more and more compromised. Difficult in these circumstances to remain faithful to the work of Philip Pullman. The political speech muzzled, and therefore much less rich than in the books, disappoints the fans, and forces the film crew to walk on eggs when it comes to addressing the topic.

Of course, this is not the only reason for the failure of the film at the box office (which will see a second part to the movie, you understand). The real question is : are we really obliged to adapt to film all the sagas teenage girls to success ? At the crossroads of the worlds is a work – forgetting the religious dimension – is extremely complex, with many different creatures, odd items to the operation strange, worlds that overlap… In trying to transcribe all of this information, the film loses sight of the pitch, and nobody found it. The trilogy of Philip Pullman is superb and comes beautifully children, teens and even adults in a rich adventure. But the film is bogged down by wanting to rebuild a world, and sumptuous in the books, but here awkward and too convoluted. A little picture ofEragon (2006), the beautiful saga of Christopher Paolini adapted so catastrophic in a film that is very mediocre. Is not Harry Potter who wants to ! (At the time, the producers struggled to replicate this success in theaters.)

All these reasons are that Chris Weitz will not succeed to gather the audience in theaters when the output of the Crossroads of the worlds. Adapt the saga was a nice project, but after construction, The Tower of the Angels will be finally ever. To get an idea of the story, the first part is a review of that on Tuesday night on TFX (21h), and we highly recommend you get the trilogy in the books!!!!