At the carnival in Italy demonstrated the multimeter caricature Tempa (VIDEO)

На карнавале в Италии продемонстрировали многометровую карикатуру на Тармпа (ВИДЕО)

At the carnival in Viareggio (Tuscany, Italy) showed the heavy figure – a caricature of US President Donald trump.

As reported by “Euronews”, the US President was introduced as “king of the tweets” – he is dressed in the armour and trappings of the character the fantastic universe of Warhammer God-Emperor of mankind.

It is noted that the annual carnival in Viareggio is known for its witty response to all relevant topics, from politics to music. This year the creators of the suits also spoke on the topics of school bullying, ecology and feminism.

In the universe of Warhammer God-Emperor is the Supreme leader, and then the deity of the human race that has mastered space and is waging a seemingly endless war with any alien life. Right movement in the United States began to call trump the “God-Emperor” during his election campaign.

Meanwhile, trump called himself a “Savior” of the U.S. economy.