At the age of 14 years died last Hawaiian snail

В возрасте 14 лет умерла последняя гавайская улитка

The last known Hawaiian tropical snail species Achatinella apexfulva named George died at the age of 14 years.

It is reported

Snail Achatinella apexfulva completely extinct in the wild, in particular, due to other predatory snails, Euglandina rosea, which is in the middle of 1950-ies was introduced to Hawaii from Central America to combat agricultural pests. In 1997 the last ten snails of this species, first described by Western science species of Hawaiian snails, was taken to the University laboratory for breeding in captivity, but by 2011 all the snails except for George, died.

George got his nickname after another the last representative of his species, Lonesome George. He died on 1 January at the age of about 14 years. In this two-millimeter piece of foot of George, taken for analysis in 2017, technically remains alive in the deep freeze in San Diego. According to researchers, in the future they will be able to clone the cochlea, using this snippet.

It is noted that in spite of men named George was a hermaphrodite, like other snails, but left no offspring, as for the reproduction of this species need a partner. According to biologist David Shiko, who worked with George the snail was a “little hermit” and probably died in extreme old age, because snails 14 years – old age.

Previously, scientists from China found a piece of amber with a snail age almost 100 million years.