At stops of public transport in Chisinau launched the e-panel

 На остановках общественного транспорта в Кишиневе запустили  электронные панно

At stops in Chisinau launched the e-panels, consider the time to arrival of the bus. While only one route – 30-m from the city centre to the airport. Shields will receive data from GPS navigators in the trolley.

In the management of electric vehicles say that the machines can be off by a minute. We decided to check it out. It’s 10:38, arrival time trolley – three minutes. It’s 10:45. Trolley four minutes late.However, passengers error forgive. But shields is not enough – only four stops.

“I’m waiting for the 30-th bus, should arrive at 10:18, I think it will be in time, because he’s not usually late.””Know when approximately will drive the bus. Such panels are needed on the stops of all routes.”

“Getting from home to work, standing at the bus stop, waiting, and I think I’ll make you tonight or you’ll be late.””My daughter is in Romania, I often visit her regularly. There always clear in how many minutes come the transport. It would be good and we have been so”. The pilot project has cost the municipal authorities to 60 thousand lei.