Astronomers have discovered an anomalous planetary system – news ZIK.UA

Researchers from Stanford University using the ALMA telescope have discovered a young star surrounded by planets, which casts doubt on the theory of the formation of planetary systems.

As reported around the star rotates four planets the size of Saturn and Jupiter. According to the researchers, the giant planet was first discovered in a young star.

Астрономи виявили аномальну планетну систему – новини ZIK.UA

In addition, planets revolve around stars in weird orbits: the most distant of them revolve at a distance from the sun, which is three times the distance from Sun to Neptune. It is noted that these circumstances are forcing scientists to reconsider how planetary systems are formed.

The age of the star CI Tau is just two million years, in astronomical terms it is a “baby.” It is surrounded by a massive protoplanetary drive. Previously, this star attracted the attention of astronomers because it was recorded the first hot Jupiter orbiting a young star.

The star is at a distance of 500 light years from Earth, in “stellar nurseries”, which are located in the milky Way. The closest planet to the star, the hot Jupiter is a distance equal to the distance from the Sun to mercury. The weight of the two outer planets is comparable with the mass of Saturn, and two internal ranges from one to 10 Jupiter masses.

It is noted that hot Jupiters were found in only 1% of stars, but they are hundreds of times older than CI Tau. At the moment scientists can not say, did the outer planets that orbit the inner planets are so close to the sun, and whether such a scenario is typical for the formation of hot Jupiters.

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