Astrologers called the most loyal signs of the Zodiac

 Астрологи назвали самые верные знаки Зодиака

Despite the fact that many women are convinced all men are unfaithful, some representatives of the “stronger sex” are holding themselves to the rigor and fidelity. At least, so say the astrologers. So, they called the top 3 most loyal Zodiac sign, “Glavred” reports.

Taurus. Men born under this sign, are often maloemotsionalny, but still capable of deep and strong feelings. If the Bulls enter into cohabitation or marriage, we, therefore, expect reciprocity and loyalty, writes UNIAN.

Lion. Men born under this sign, if we choose a “lioness”, she doesn’t change and often willing to give gifts. Do not tolerate only one thing – if the partner puts himself above it either has achieved great success in his career.

Virgin. Men-“Virgo” − very difficult, always analyzing and paying attention to the smallest details in a relationship. Moreover, they are so squeamish and don’t like change that don’t tend to go “left.”